China 2017

In September I have been invited on a residency to Guangxi Province in south-west China and will also be in Beijing.I am really grateful to the Arts Council for backing this adventure and to Guangxi Art Institute for inviting and supporting me.During my time there, nearly three weeks, I’ll be travelling with a Chinese and Taiwanese artist (and a translator!) into the countryside of Guangxi Province  as well as spending time at the Art School of Guangxi Province, giving a presentation on my work and meeting other artists.Time in Beijing will be spent on research and development for my practice, exploring historical and contemporary practice in ink and watercolour on paper and meeting with galleries and artists.

I plan to keep a blog while I’m away, Chinese internet allowing!If you’d like to sign up for an email feed to the blog, I promise to keep entries brief and not to inundate you, please sign up on the 'contact' page of this website.